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Our Story

face behind Living Etch

It all started in 2018 when Ophelia and her then 18 month old first born use to spend a lot of time creating and fixing Knick knacks around their newly bought home… Ophelia always had an eye for design but the seed got activated from her mother, she painted Folk Art pieces and made beaded jewelleries for families and friends during Ophelia's childhood.

Ophelia persuaded Living Etch online not only to extend her love for design but in hope to empower and introduce her 3 children (2, 4 & 6yo) the foundation behind the concept of money and entrepreneurial skills through presence and observation. Ophelia creates from her home studio in Surrey Hills, so occasionally her kids assist by preparing the packaging of the handmade products she makes! 

Her design flare doesn't stop here. By trade, she is a registered Architect (VIC 20536 and NSW 9096 , DBP class 2 DEP0003030) actively running her own private architectural practice THAM ARCHITECTS specialising in residential projects - with a particular focus on modern architecture to both heritage and new modern homes as well as various residential developments projects across Melbourne and Sydney.  Consider her products as an extension to a home where the  products are architecturally considered. (read the story behind the product generation in the description of the product page!!) .

i.e. Creating a custom fitted house number specifically for your mounting substrate and fencing gaps or signages arounds your garden or front porch to convey unspoken messages upon entering your home to avoid awkward instruction for guests. Living Etch aims to curate a seamless and uniformed user experience within everyday LIVING via our ETCHed designs!

In addition to the above, the online range are curated from everyday methods Ophelia's personal experiences. We hope to solve such challenges while adding a touch of aesthetic which are also great gift ideas and keepsakes.

About Us: About Us

What we do

Living Etch specialises in designing and creating unique home decor, keepsake gifts and signages just for you. We focus on creating products that best reflects you, your home, and your lifestyle. 

Our range includes personalised plaques, books, wall decals, event and business styling and accessories. In addition to our standard range, we offer bespoke personalised designs and items no matter the brief and size. We have done paper wedding invites through to cafe signs and menu boards.
Working from our home studio in Melbourne, we love experimenting with different materials to create unique designs. From concept initiation, designing, manufacturing, and marketing, we are big believers in locally-owned, designed, operated, and handmade.

​We pride ourselves on producing high quality products that are modern and sleek yet are highly articulated details. We ride with the waves of current technology and trends to create innovative and unique pieces for everyone to enjoy.

All designs are hand make from scratch. If you have anything in mind or want the online products slightly different, we are open to discussing your custom ideas you have and make into reality. 


EVERYTHING is produced at my home studio in Surrey Hills VIC. Our range of medium by default is Laser timber and arcylic but can work with Leather / Cork / glass etc.

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