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How to select your artwork for Engraving.

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Please send us the documents after placing an order. We ask you read our recommendation prior to uploading your photo.

Images can either be photos, vector logos, block artworks or even your hand writing & drawings. Please ensure your images are clear and resolution is high.


  • Details are well defined with contrast (macro images tend to work better than taken further away)

  • ​Unless intentional, avoid props on the subject. i.e. avoid scarfs, Sunglasses etc

  • Keep the background subtle where possible. (we can briefly photoshop the background out if required)

  • No evening photos or under artificial lighting: Ideally outdoor or natural light photos

  • Avoid photos with sharp shadows or subject backing or in shadow.

  • Pets are not recommended - please contact us prior to order to confirm eligibility.

  • Drawings and handwriting should be provided to us in black and white format.

Each photo will have a different outcome, we may ask for alternatives if the photo provided cannot not provide a quality photo art. Alternatively, please send us a few options.

If you are still unsure, give us a call! Let's chat.

Below: Recommended images

Below: not recommended

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