Scripted Plaque
  • Scripted Plaque

    Artwork will be create to fill within dimensions allowance as follows (length x height):

    30 cm x 13cm

    50 cm x 20 cm

    70 cm x 30 cm

    90 cm x 37 cm


    Each name will have a different size - this is to accomdoate within the allowable area for each size. i.e A shorter name will reach the maximum height first before reaching the maximum length. Longer names via versa.


    This product is lightweight and frigile if not handle carefully. If taken care of carefully, it will las forever..


    Please enter one name only. The design may be compromised if you include symbols or multiple names. I

    • Selecting your timber options...

      Click here for more info on how artwork results in differently on different timber.

    PriceFrom AU$45.00